Beaufort Blueways
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Whale Branch
The Whale Branch River launch location is undeveloped. Use at your own risk - hazards include uneven surfaces and sharp oysters growing on the substrate.

This launch site gives you access to the Whale Branch River and Huspah Creek. This is one of the few sites that can be utilized at both high and low tide-just make sure you choose the proper route before you set off! Users at high tide should choose Huspah Creek; users kayaking around the low tide should use the Cotton/Goat Island route.For a map of the trail click here.

How to use this trail:

The Whale Branch/Huspah Creek route should be run around the high tide. Add one hour to Beaufort tides to get the high tide for the day. Launch approximately two hours before high tide, ride the tidal current up into Huspah and Field's Creek, then ride the falling tide back down to the launch site.

The Cotton/Goat Island trip should be run around a low tide. And 30 minutes to Beaufort tides to get the low tide for the day. Lunch approximately two hours before low tide, ride the tidal current down to the Broad river and Goat Island, then ride the rising tide back up to the launch site.

Please note that both of these trips are approximately 8 miles in length round-trip. For shorter options, please see the map (hotlink above).

Be aware of weather conditions. Up to the minute forecasts should be consulted before beginning this trip. Strong winds should be avoided. Click here for a weather forecast.
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